Walkers and a cyclist by a lighthouse

Sustrans Big Walk & Wheel

To celebrate Sustrans Big Walk & Wheel 2023, we’ll be offering triple points and daily prize draws for walking, wheeling, cycling and taking the bus from 20-31 March.


There will be three separate prize draws for 5,000 BetterPoints every day from 20-31 March, with one BetterTicket entry per trip by each mode. You can earn up to 4 BetterTickets per mode each day, entering you into the following day's draws for:

🚶🏽‍♀️👨‍🦽 Walking and wheeling
🚴‍♀️ Cycling
🚌 Bus

Here's how it works:
you walk or wheel to school with the kids, then take a bus into town to go to work (grabbing a coffee at Brew & Bake if you have 1,000 BetterPoints!). When you're finished you get a bus back to school, walk home with the kids and then pop out for a short bike ride with them to the local park and back.

You will earn two tickets into the walking/wheeling draw, two into the bus draw and two into the cycling draw. So by using three different modes of transport you will enter three different draws, each for £5's worth of BetterPoints. The next day, you just need to check your timeline to see if you're one of three lucky winners.

Over 2,000 schools and 700,000 children will be taking part in the Big Walk & Wheel, which aims to encourage more families to travel to school actively, to help create healthier and happier communities.  

The benefits of active travel are well known:

😊 Happier, healthier people
🌳 Cleaner, greener towns and cities
🛣 Less traffic and air pollution
🌍 Reduced carbon dioxide emissions, helping to fight climate change


Let’s focus on just the first of those. In 2017 a landmark study by the University of Glasgow found that people who cycle to work have a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of heart disease compared to people who don’t travel actively. Recent research has shown that walking for just 11 minutes a day can reduce these risks by 7% and 17%. Walking or cycling for transport can save your life.


It’s also lots of fun. BetterPoints users often tell us that switching to walking and cycling lifts their mood, relieves stress and makes their journeys more enjoyable.


So why not plan to try walking, wheeling or cycling all or part of your journeys during the Big Walk and Wheel to discover some of the joys and benefits for yourself? Everyone can take part and your journeys can be for fun, fitness or leisure.


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