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Move More in ‘24

Everyone who lives, works or studies in Sunderland can earn rewards for walking, wheeling, cycling and using public transport in BetterPoints Sunderland. The BetterPoints you win can be spent at participating local businesses, online, or you can donate them to charity. Download the free app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to start earning rewards today.

Kick off your 2024 with a great new daily challenge. Move more in ’24 is a six-week challenge running from 1st January until 11th of February. 

Don’t let New Year Resolutions set you up to fail! So often we start out the year with lofty goals, only to miss them by the middle of January. This leads to the “What the Hell” effect of thinking that as you’ve failed once, why bother trying at all!? Avoid that trap by starting small and taking it one step at a time. Keep track of your progress using the progress dials on the homepage of the app – you can tap through to see how you are doing.

Every day is a new day and recent research has proven that you can positively affect your health and wellbeing with just 11 minutes of moderate physical activity per day.

Earn a ticket into our daily prize draw every time you record 11 minutes of activity. Every day until 11 February we'll be giving away 11 prizes as follows:

  • 10 x 1,100 BetterPoints
  • 1 x 11,000 BetterPoints

Download our app via the buttons or QR below. If you register with a Sunderland postcode you will automatically be invited to take the baseline survey and start earning rewards. If you live outside the area, please contact us by emailing customercare@betterpoints.uk for a referral code.


Change the way you travel around Sunderland and earn rewards.

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